Stick Man

This undertaking is a collaborative project between Katie Green and Danae Brissonnet which explores the process of mask making, puppetry and costume design. During their stay at Dream Community in Taipei, Taiwan, both artists worked together to create a total of eight characters that are titled Stick Man, Lovers, Monkey, Bin Lang Monster, Bird Man, Tentacles, Sour Priss and Cage. These puppets were created with both purchased and found material including paper, metal, paint, thermoplastic, fabric, plants/flowers, leather, clay, and much more. The different themes of these characters are influenced by both artist’s experiences in Taiwan. Whether that be the Taiwan’s culture, landscape, and people, or both Katie and Danae’s individual interpretations of their experience here. These artworks are also an exploration of repurposing material.

Stick Man celebrates the natural landscape of Taiwan. Taiwan being an island, its ocean is a very important part of its environment. This character is a spirit of the sea. A deity of the water. It embodies the power of the ocean and guards this sacred element exploring its world through flower eyes. Taiwan is made up of an incredibly diverse environment that we thought it was important to focus on this. The wood emerging from the Stick Man’s mouth is salvaged beach wood.